New pH Sensors Range

ABB presents its range of color-coded sensors for the pH measurement. The perpetual impedance diagnostics to detect electrode faults, and the smart Reference Electrode Monitoring stand out among the several innovations

by Noemi Sala

There is a new series in ABB’s portfolio: the company has launched a new range of color-coded sensors that makes it easy to choose and manage the optimal pH measurement solution.The application driven designs are categorized into three groups: the entry-level 100 series for cost-effective measurement in general process applications; the high-performance 500 series for harsh industrial applications; and the 700 series for specialist applications. This makes it simple for users to select, own, and operate the pH sensors best suited to their needs. Digital and analog options are available, with the digital solution offering the greatest benefits because it provides advanced in-built diagnostics – the most effective way of ensuring constant high-quality water.

Digital and analog options are available for the pH series.
Digital and analog options are available for the pH series.

Installation and maintenance get easier

ABB’s EZLink plug-and-play technology links any of the new sensors to ABB’s digital transmitter range, including the recently launched AWT420. EZLink enables faster installation and commissioning and provides easy access to maintenance data. It means that users can replace sensors at the optimum time, saving money without risking process control.
Designed for long life to maximize process uptime, this new range incorporates several innovations. An example is ABB’s perpetual impedance diagnostics to detect electrode faults without the need for a solution earth. Another interesting feature is the smart Reference Electrode Monitoring (REM) system, which provides early warning of electrode poisoning.

Faster temperature response

Optimal temperature compensation is assured by locating the pH electrode, reference electrode, and inbuilt temperature sensor together at the electrode tip. This provides a faster temperature response and better accuracy during calibration and in-process control applications.
To ensure accuracy and reliability in even in the harshest of processes, the new sensors are offered with ABB’s bespoke range of sensor glasses, specifically designed to meet requirements such as high pH levels, low and high temperatures, and the need for high acid resistance. General-purpose glass is offered for a range of aqueous media.