Products for the Flow Sector

Isoil Industria presents some of its last generation solutions, developed for the flow sector: a line of battery converters for use with any Isomag®, compact electromagnetic flowmeters and clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters

by Massimo Brozan

A global manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters for liquid, Isoil Industria proposes some of its latest solutions. Le’s start from the line of battery converters, the model MV145 and MV255 respectively without and with a built-in 3G modem for use with any Isomag® electromagnetic flow sensor, either flanged or wafer or insertion. The use of battery flow meters is widely used in the water sector as it allows the installation of the measuring instrument at almost any point in the supply and distribution network, to get flow and pressure data useful for network management and leak detection.

Advanced electronics for a greater computing power
These converters are the result of over 15 years of experience gained by Isoil Industria in the sector. Among the exclusive features of this family of converters we report: advanced electronics with latest-generation microprocessor to guarantee greater computing power and better measurement stability; 128 128 x 64 pixel LCD graphic display; possibility to power the converters from the grid, from photovoltaic, with alkaline batteries type D or with lithium batteries, temporarily from PC or power bank through a Mini USB port; simple battery replacement without having to access the electronic board; estimated battery life up to 15 years; BIV built-in verification of sensor status capable to analyse and store hourly up to 22 parameters representative of the “health” status of the sensor and the converter; 4-20 mA active or passive output; wireless communication with 3G modem; transmission is given compressed and encrypted; possibility to manage pressure or temperature probes; certification MID MI-001 is under approval

Compact electromagnetic flowmeter
Another leading solution by Isoil Industria is the Isomag® CS8100 compact electromagnetic flowmeter, particularly suitable for the automation of industrial machines and processes where reliability and accuracy of measurement is required. Typical applications are the measurement of the flow rate of reagents or additives, for example in wood, cement or similar processing machines.
The compact meter has a display and does not require any specific configuration, simply install it in line via the threaded connection, and connect the power supply to display to get the instantaneous flow rate. For use in control systems, the CS8100 meter offers a freely configurable 4-20 mA signal and up to two digital outputs that can also be configured with totalisation or alarm functions.
It is equipped with an electronic able to manage advanced diagnostics such as the detection of the empty pipe, the bidirectional measurement and to guarantee a high noise rejection. The instrument can be powered via the PC USB port making configuration operations extremely simple with the dedicated MCP software.

The mean features
Isomag® CS8100 can be used for flow measurements in liquids with a minimum conductivity of 20 μS/cm, offering measurement accuracy ± 1% of the value read in a range of flow rates up to 2400 l/h. The sensor has a Noryl body reinforced with 30% glass fiber, an IP 67 protection rating, Hastelloy C electrodes and is suitable for fluids with temperatures up to 85°C. The 10-30 V DC power supply and the output signals are wired through the 5-pin connector or the factory mounted 5-wire cable. The process connections are male threaded ½ “or ¾” NPT or GAS. Each CS8100 meter is calibrated at the factory on calibration tables accredited according to the ISO17025 standard before delivery.
The CS8100 meter is part of the Isomag® family of meters that includes electromagnetic flow meters “Fulll Bore” wafer up to DN 400 and flanged up to DN2400 and insertion to meet the most demanding applications in the various industrial sectors and in the integrated water cycle.

Ultrasonic flow meter for monitoring campaigns
Finally, Isoil Industria presents the clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter model IFX-P210 particularly suitable for monitoring campaigns. The instrument, in fact, taking advantage of the energy saving mode, which defines a programmable measuring interval, and a large battery compartment capable of accommodating up to 3 packs of rechargeable Lithium batteries, is able to guarantee a measurement for over 3 months without need to replace or recharge the batteries. Moreover, where available, the instrument can work connected directly to the network via the battery charger. The IFX-P210 is equipped with a powerful data logger, capable of acquiring up to 1,000,000 data, downloadable via the appropriate software supplied with the device. The instrument offers easy installation and commissioning thanks to a system that calculates the correct distance between the sensors and verifies the correct alignment, providing the user with an acoustic and visual signal. The possibility of having a process output (impulsive, analogue or Modbus) or up to two passive 4-20 mA inputs from pressure or level sensors are further elements that make the IFX-P210 meter unique.
The instrument is extremely flexible as with the supplied sensors it is possible to make measurements on pipes from DN50 to DN3000, and can be used indifferently on metallic pipes, plastics and under certain conditions in cement. The meter is housed in a small IP67 case that can be sealed or made anonymous to protect and guarantee installation in remote areas.
The IFX-P210 meter is part of the clamp-on ultrasonic sensor family, which includes a hand portable version and a fixed installation version that can cover any measurement needs.