Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The MIM is a versatile compact flow meter from Kobold, developed for measuring conductive liquids, ensuring suitability for a wide range of industrial applications. Heavy duty construction in stainless steel provides a clean and robust instrument module.
The design of the 90° step indexable TFT display screen is clever, yet simple and robust, ensuring suitability for multi directional flow applications, programmable from the touch screen. A nice feature of the TFT display screen is that it can be used by operators wearing gloves. Unlike some of the TFT screens on the market using inclination sensors for screen position, the MIM screen remains clear and stable in use, a reminder of Kobold’s instinctive preference for simplified practical functionality and reliable service. Magnetic flowmeter MIM is ideal for an accurate and reliable measurements between 15 ml/min and 750 l/min.