Servo drive system

Sinamics S210 is a single-axis servo drive system by Siemens, which includes the Sinamics S210 drive (with 1AC 230 V voltage, 3AC up to 480 V and power up to 7kW), the Simotics S-1FK2 motors in Compact or High Dynamic version and a single OCC (One Cable Connection) cable dedicated to the connection between motor and drive. The three-phase versions of the device have been expanded from a functional standpoint using a shared DC bus system. The coupling of the converter’s intermediate circuit enables power compensation during dynamic acceleration and deceleration processes. It works perfectly together with Simatic controllers such as Simatic S7-1500 / T-CPU / ET200 SP Open Controller or Simotion to perform motion functions such as positioning, synchronism, cams and so on. The complete integration into the TIA Portal facilitates commissioning, which may in any case also be achieved through the webserver. The offer is completed by Safety functions extended using clamps (STO and SS1) or Profisafe.