Angle encoder modules

Heidenhain MRP angle encoder modules are supplied in the form of completed assemblies with specified characteristics. They combine high-resolution measurement technology with a dependable high-precision bearing. For the machine manufacturer, this system solution provides special benefits: it eliminates the need for the costly and separate development of a rolling or air bearing, and the Heidenhain bearing is capable of handling off-center tilting loads. Manufacturers of metrology systems, in particular, stand to benefit significantly in the designing of highly accurate rotary axes. The angle encoder modules are characterized by their degree of measuring and bearing accuracy, high resolution and repeatability. Also noteworthy is their low starting torque, which provides for smooth motion. Instead of numerous individual components, an integrated assembly is available; Heidenhain has already completed the assembly and adjustment of all components. The characteristics of the angle encoder modules have been defined and tested in conformity with the customer’s specifications. Thanks to the system’s simple mechanical interfaces, critical mounting processes are eliminated.