Precision Portable Meters

Conrad Electronic proposes Fluke’s MDA-500 series of motor drive analysers: this solutions are able to simplify and automate error analysis in frequency converter motor drives, with step-by-step graphical test routines

by Massimo Brozan

With over 4,000,000 products available and more than 2,000 brands distributed all over the world, Conrad Electronic has announced the availability of Fluke’s new MDA-510 and MDA-550 motor drive analysers. They are two ideal portable meters for accurate and fast error analysis on complex single and three phase variable speed drives. They provide the user with an effective tool to detect and correct typical errors. A step-by-step guide for setting up the various voltage and current measurement connections simplifies the troubleshooting process, saves time and provides fast and reliable results.

Pre-set measurement profiles and a user-oriented design
Thanks to Pre-set measurement profiles, it is possible to ensure that relevant data is collected and evaluated across all major sections of the motor drive under test: from input to output, DC link to the motor itself. This approach provides solutions for both basic and complex measurement tasks. The built-in report generator enables an objective evaluation of the condition of the drive system before and after troubleshooting. With their consistent user-oriented design, the MDA-510 and MDA-550 motor drive analysers record all significant parameters, including: voltage and current, voltage of the DC link, ripple voltages, voltage and current waveform asymmetries. With the MDA-550, it is also possible to measure harmonics and leakage currents via the motor shaft. The detailed measurement of the harmonics reveals possible effects on the power supply systems.

A reliable and comfortable measurement methodology
Says Stefan Kohler at Fluke Germany, explaining the advantages of the MDA-500 series: “The fast, automated measurement routine with pre-set profiles is of vital importance in our analyser system. With an additional oscilloscope and multimeter, further functional parameters in motor drives can be recorded and documented”. Susanne Storch, Product Manager at Conrad Electronic, underlined that with the MDA-500 series, they offer professional users a reliable and comfortable measurement methodology without manual configuration for uninterrupted detection, correction and documentation of typical error sources in complex industrial motor drives”.
With this Fluke’s solutions, the product portfolio distributed by Conrad Electronic enlarges its comprises products is further enriched.