Next generation CPUs

Within the PLC Simatic platform by Siemens, the new series of S7-1500T CPUs stands out for the integration of motion control functions within the S7-1500 standard platform, complementing the Simotion family in the drive based version.

Thanks to the complete integration in the TIA Portal of Sinamics S120, S210 and V90 servo drives, it is possible to create motion control solutions design in a single development environment. Complete architectures may thus be satisfied with different levels of performance; these are scalable, according to the single demands of performance and price.
In the various Technological CPUs it is possible to manage: synchronisms between axes, cam profiles and different kinematic objects up to four interpolated axes, just like among other Cartesian portals, delta pickers and SCARA robots. Thanks to the new version of TIA Portal and Startdrive V15.1, the management of the advanced Safety functions and the support for the validation of the safety functions may be integrated by means of the Safety Acceptance Test.
By means of the Safe Kinematics and Profisafe libraries it is also possible to manage the safety of the complete kinematic pathway.