Automated Optical Inspection System

With the IM Series, Keyence developed a valid solution to carry out accurate and homogeneous measurements in a few seconds: all it takes is to place the sample on the plate at random to detect up to 99 dimensions of the target with a single inspection

by Ginevra Leonardi

In production, quality control plays an increasingly important role. At times when fierce competition rules and micron level precision is required to integrate small components with each other, a minimum error is enough to jeopardize one’s reputation, and to lose ground in strategic segments. To solve the classic problems which complicate quality control operations, Keyence presents the IM Series, known as Profile Projector: we are talking about an automated optical inspection system which offers a valid solution within the domain of dimension measurement.

Up to one hundred items may be inspected simultaneously
Besides its precision level, the IM Series stands out for the speed and simplicity with which it carries out measurements. The sample just needs to be placed on the plate at random, and by pressing the button on the front part of the machine in a few seconds up to 99 dimensions of the target may be detected, including width, radius and height, in a single inspection. By means of the images the instant measuring system automatically reveals the position and orientation of the object which needs to be measured, without any need for a specific positioning. Up to one hundred items may be inspected simultaneously, comparing the results of the measurement with any models uploaded previously. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, precision and accuracy are guaranteed even with unskilled personnel, eliminating the issue of diversity of results depending on the operator.

Possibility of customization with advanced functions and accessories
The system may generate automatically complete inspection reports for every measured element, including the statistical values of extreme importance such as the average, s, 3s, 6s and Cpk, easy to export on a PC. Based on requirements, the system may be personalized with advanced functions and various accessories. The IM7500 includes some innovations in terms of software, such as the possibility of carrying out measurements automatically without programming, selecting measurement parameters automatically and identifying QR codes. Among the various hardware options, a measurement unit of contact height, a newly developed optical probe and a detection plate up to 300 by 200 mm stand out. The dimensional measurement system using images is suitable for use in various segments which need to guarantee high quality, such as, for instance, in the inspection of prototypes and parts of pre-series, in process control of samples and single items, and in analysis before shipment, both incoming and outgoing. In this way it is possible to increase productivity reducing inspection times and also to optimize the workload of the quality department, since inspection may be carried out by other operators and not just by the chief officer.