Sensors for object detection

RAY10 and RAY26 are the names of the new product families of Reflex Array sensors from Sick. The sensors work with a 2D light band that allows them to reliably detect flat and location-tolerant objects on conveying systems.

The compact RAY10 and the performance-oriented RAY26 are specialized for different installation and detection conditions, and can recognize objects with edge heights between 3 and 10 millimeters. They therefore offer a high degree of mounting flexibility for a wide range of detection and installation situations. In CEP hubs and distribution centers, the RAY10 and RAY26 have proven themselves to be reliable, integration-friendly, and efficient sensor solutions for detecting polybags and flats – which are increasingly being used by senders to minimize shipping costs – as well as newspapers and other flat mail items and location-tolerant objects. The 2D light array of the RAY10 and RAY26 is also ideally suited to detecting pallets of varying heights, detecting objects with perforated surface structures, and detecting flat and location-tolerant objects in front of weighing or labeling systems in intralogistics – for the sole use of photoelectric sensors with a punctiform light beam consistently leads to multiple switching operations for these critical objects.