Micro-Drives: Flexibility and Strength

Yaskawa’s GA500 micro-drives provide a simple integration of the system, combining network support, functions centred on applications and customizability. Together with a safe functioning thanks to a compact and sturdy design

by Ginevra Leonardi

The new series of AC micro-drives presented by Yaskawa, the motion control specialist, has been developed for use in numerous industrial applications, with important benefits during the entire life cycle of the machine or of the plant. Variable speed GA500 drives support users by simplifying complex technologies, combining reliability, user-friendliness, power and adaptability. From the choice of the type of drive to the design, installation, commissioning or troubleshooting, GA500 micro-drives have been designed purposely to male everything easier.

Compact size and sturdy design
With its compact size and flexible connectivity, GA500 has been conceived to manage practically any application, and it allows users to activate any type of motor from 0.2 to 30 Kw. Among its main properties, several stand out: integrated EMC filters, double-channel security (STO SIL3/PLe), a single fieldbus board for a network of 5 drives, compliance with all international standards along with safety and ease of configuration and assembly, with apps for all mobile devices.
Its sturdy design allows drives to operate at an altitude of 4,000 meters and in environments with temperatures as high as 60°C. Printed circuits are equipped with a protective coating against dust and humidity, while the integrated controlled temperature fans are only activated when necessary, reducing to a minimum the possible risks of contamination and prolonging the intervals between maintenance sessions.

Easy and intuitive navigation and customized functions
The luminous LED display and the tactile keyboard ensure an easy and intuitive navigation of the menus, while the most frequent menus and parameters are positioned and named just as in all other Yaskawa drives, thereby reducing the need for further training. Besides, an integrated programming environment to customize the drive’s functions offers scalability and the possibility of doing without external controllers. The USB port allows prompt connection to a PC or a mobile device to program, monitor or solve problems, while easily accessible terminals allow to carry out in a fast and practical way the connections to the power supply and of the motor’s cables, without removing any covers. Thanks to screwless control terminals, reliable and long-lasting connections may be set up without any need for retightening. Internal sensors with 24 V DC power supply provide further 150 mA for use with external sensors, eliminating the need for a separate power source. Besides, since drives have optimal nominal values, the nominal power for a normal service allows to rive motors of a larger size in applications with variable torque values.