Digital solutions for industrial motion control

Looking for optimizations to offer solutions for industrial motion control to increase the machine performance and its competitiveness, high control performance and high energy efficiency, Bonfiglioli has developed a Power Drive System: this system combines BSR series reluctance synchronous motors with Active Cube frequency inverters with dedicated sensorless vector control.

The motor is compatible with the range of Bonfiglioli industrial geared units. This solution is available in two packages, with optimized compactness for small spaces or operation costs reduction, both with excellent efficiency levels. In comparison to conventional motor-frequency inverter solutions, the Bonfiglioli Power Drive System allows minimizing the overall energy consumption in the different operation points. The motor control is realized with a complete mathematical characterization of the motor, which also ensures a simple and reliable system configuration. The full package integration and the wide range of available software control strategies bring additional performance benefits: accurate sensorless speed control, stable torque control, high torque even at low or zero speed and excellent overloading characteristics.