Ultrasonic wireless level sensor

With the help of radio sensors that transmit their data to the Internet, it’s possible to control assets that are either widely distributed or seem impossible to connect due to their mobility. The Wilsen.sonic.level from Pepperl+Fuchs is an ultrasonic wireless sensor for monitoring fill levels in mobile containers, tanks, and silos. In addition, the battery-operated device determines the geolocation of the container and transmits the collected data via a GSM or LoRaWAN connection to a defined collection point on the Internet. The Wilsen.service also allows centralized management of all IoT sensors in the field. In turn, software systems and data platforms for business data processing can be connected to the service. An entry-level starter kit includes all of the components required to form a working IoT system. This time-limited, fixed-cost package allows interested parties to get started with the Internet of Things even without prior knowledge.