Self-driving vehicle

Comau presents the new lithium battery powered version of its self-driving vehicle, Agile1500, which guarantees long-lasting logistics and production processes, as well as the flexibility required to adapt reloading cycles, even partial ones. These vehicles have been designed to work alongside operators, sharing in their activity, and they are an example of mobile robotics, self-driving vehicles which make use
of natural navigation to connect the activities of different robots, moving materials from one station to another and increasing the flexibility of the entire production cycle. Modular, scalable and completely reconfigurable, Agile1500 may carry loads of up to 1,500 kg with a maximum velocity of 1.7 m/sec. Operations in the factory are made easier, logistics flows in the plants are optimized and a better management of the warehouse is enabled. While developing a new operating platform within the Industry 4.0 framework, Agile1500 increases the overall safety conditions in the factory, by means of advanced control functions and two integrated laser scanners, which stop the vehicle in case an obstacle is detected along its path.