Manifold for Instrumental Control Applications

The Modular Manifold SIL4 for Hipps Systems designed by Indra for instrumental control applications, guarantees high standards of safety, efficiency and quality ensuring the continuity of information between the process and the pressure sensors

by Vittoria Ascari

Set up in 1987, Indra is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of instrumentation valves: manifolds, monoflanges, SBB & DBB both in needle and ball types, produced in according to the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency. The company is characterized by “Made in Italy”, by the use of raw materials mainly of Italian origin and by the monitoring of all the production’s steps, from the engineering to the construction. All this is a fundamental characteristic in critical applications of various industrial sectors, especially for the oil & gas and petrochemical industry, where Indra mainly operates. Indra is able to develop customized solutions designed for customers’ specific needs. The products are machined from the most standard materials but also from those “exotic” ones used for critical applications such as Duplex, Super Duplex or Monel. In addition, the company has modern machinery for very precise mechanical processing, with testing phases of every single product during the various production steps.

Manifold for instrumental control application
The company has recently developed the Modular Interlocking Manifold SIL4 for Hipps Systems, designed specifically for instrumental control applications. This solution permanently guarantees the continuity of information between the process and the pressure sensors: human error is completely eliminated and, in the condition of having to replace or check electrical or mechanical damage to one or more sensors pressure, one or more sensors always remain active through the various available configurations identified as 1oo2 – 2oo3 – 1oo4. The peculiarities of Modular Manifold SIL4 consist of: mandatory for a series of sequential operations, never overlapping; reduction of construction costs of a high pressure plant; protection of the line against overpressures; reduction of polluting emissions into the atmosphere due to high pressure lines.

Containers to protect manifolds and the instrumentations
The standard construction of the Modular Manifold SIL4 does not include the use of optional containers, however in outdoor installations it is suggested to use them to protect both the manifold and the instrumentation connected to it. For this purpose, a stainless steel and polyester container was designed and built to safeguard all the components of the system. The container will have different dimensions depending on the configuration selected for the Manifold 1oo2-2oo3-1oo4. Indra’s valves production can be completed with complementary accessories, something that makes the company an ideal partner for those companies that supply “packages” of various matching goods. Indra products are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, off-shore, power generation, naval industries and so on. To conclude, Indra s ISO 9001, 14001 e 18001 certified. The product certifications are also indispensable: Fugitive Emission, Fire Safe, Ped, Atex, are just some of the certifications available to the customer on request.