Piezo-resistive strain gauges and temperature sensors

Haptica provides piezo-resistive strain gauges and temperature sensors with the following characteristics: sensitive, fast and suitable for high-frequency measurement, arbitrary and miniaturized form (the smallest is less than 0.5 mm long) with electrical resistance of your choice, from 15 Ω to 100 kΩ. The company also provides know-how to insert items into the customer’s product. Its miniaturized sensitive elements are in fact particularly suitable for insertion into the product (embedded) and for IoT products, as they have a very low current consumption, very long operating life and high sensitivity. Haptica also offers standard products based on piezo-resistive technology, such as pressure and temperature transducers, sensors for specific uses and wireless sensor systems for “IoT” and traditional products. It uses Micron Instruments semiconductor sensor technology to produce standard and ad-hoc solutions.
Recent examples of application are: a positioner with a resolution of 50 pico-meters, a high-resolution and stable weight load sensor for external use, a bone growth extensor to be applied within the human body.