Digital Pressure Transducer

Just simply connect it to your laptop or PC, with no need for any additional hardware or software: here are just few features of the GD4200-USB©, the digital pressure transducer from ESI Technology, exclusively distributed in Italy by

di Massimo Brozan

The GD4200-USB© digital pressure transducer from ESI Technology, an English company which is exclusively distributed in our country by, is a solution that offers several benefits.
We start with the ease of pressure measurement. In fact, with the ESI-USB© software you can connect your transducer to your laptop or PC and away you go. The software recognises the transducer by its serial number. Things keep running smoothly thanks to free software updates. Moreover, using the ESI-USB© software you can now generate customised test certification with your own test parameters and company logos.
Whether you are looking to perform test and calibration, spot checks or local, direct monitoring the GD4200-USB is a convenient solution. With no need for any additional hardware or software, you can test and record data on-site. In addition, there is no need for costly I/O interface boards.

It operates over a very wide temperature range
The GD4200-USB is manufactured with Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) sensor technology. Pressure sensors constructed using this technology exhibit high performance and stability. The sapphire substrate allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance due to its insulation properties. The SOS sensor element is then bonded to a titanium diaphragm instead of traditional stainless steel. High overpressures, very low hysteresis and great corrosion resistance are the result. The GD4200-USB is available in nine pressure ranges, carefully selected to enable the user to cover any pressure that the application requires, from vacuum up to 5,000 bar, via the use of the ESI-USB© digitally self-scaling software.

The ideal solution for high accuracy applications
Another feature of the GS4200-USB it’s a standard accuracy of 0.15%, making it the ideal solution for high accuracy applications. The temperature co-efficiency is very good, so no matter the temperature, you can rely on the data that the GS4200-USB provides (the tool operating temperature range is Ambient -20 to +85°C, Media -50 to +125°C). The sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution at user selectable speeds up to 1,000 Hz.
In addition to measuring and recording pressure the GD4200-USB also charts and collects temperature data for analysis by the user. Finally, using a USB hub you can connect and collect data from up to 16 USB transducers at any one time. Each transducer is recognised by its’ unique serial number.