Turin: Innovation and Human Capital

Human capital and its importance in the enterprise’s transformation process will be the object of discussion in Turin in February: the occasion will be A&T Automation & Testing, a trade show dedicated to Industry 4.0, measurements and tests, robotics and innovative technologies

by Vittoria Ascari

A&T Automation & Testing, the international trade show dedicated to Industry 4.0, measurements and tests, robotics and innovative technologies, scheduled to take pace on February 13th-15th at Turin’s Oval Lingotto, is all set and ready to go. The show (which in 2018 recorded 400 exhibitors and a 22% increase in visitors with respect to the previous year) will offer the correct mix between the exhibition of technologies and innovation and an informative corporate culture and experience process which may be applied to small, medium or large concerns.

An exhibition itinerary based on the pillars of production
In an effort to provide the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the latest technological innovations and of establishing relationships with national and foreign businesses, A&T redesigned its layout, suggesting an exhibition itinerary structured following the four focuses of manufacturing production: Design; Research & Development; Reliability; Production and Logistics.
The aim is conveying towards four Competence Points the most outstanding national and international concerns, both from the standpoint of innovation and digitization of industrial processes and of digital vision and thoughts.
Many networking, comparison and training opportunities have emerged. About 70 speeches are actually envisaged by the companies selected by A&T’s Scientific Committee and reinforced by the 4.0 Innovation Prize.

A new space where to discuss industrial policies and limits
Among the innovations this year there is also an area called Innovation Point, designated within the Oval Lingotto’s exhibition area, where it will be possible to discover and test next-generation designs and technologies.
Thanks to the cooperation of A&T with Polytechnics, Innovation Centres, CFI (National Technological Smart Factory Cluster) and AFIL (Lombardy Smart Factory Association) as well as important players of the industrial world, it will be possible to discuss industrial policies and visions, with the two pillars of the entrepreneurial future, innovation and human capital, taking centre stage. This will be the topic of the national opening congress, scheduled for February 13th in the morning.

The stage of the national roadshow and the 4.0 Innovation Prize
On February 14th as from 11 am A&T will host the national roadshow of Competence Centers, an appointment dedicated to the industrial world, to understand evolution, create a system and establish a network between companies and research centres at a national level. After talking at length about the Industry 4.0 Plan, the time is ripe to relate the first concrete cases of investments and results.Last but not least, the 4.0 Innovation Prize: A&T’s Scientific Committee, represented by players coming from both the university and research world and from industries, will choose the best projects or applications which will be on show in the Competence Points and will make up the added value of A&T’s Training Program. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on February 15th during a dedicated event at the centre of the exhibition area. l