Smart Camera

The SmartCamera by Balluff offers intuitive operation and simple-to-use operating software with tools based on industry-proven Halcon algorithms. Incorporation into the production environment is easy, since it is available with an IO-Link interface or fieldbus variants. The SmartCamera comes in a rugged IP67 housing, is flexible in its mounting, and provides standardized M12 connectivity for all the interfaces, making it ideal for industrial use. The image processing know-how from Balluff doesn’t end with the hardware. To sum up: We offer a holistic, extremely user-friendly and all-round reliable image processing system for any situation in your production.
To access the BVS Cockpit software interface, all you need is a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge. Use the serial number to access the user interface of the image processing software. There you will find all the functions to set up and operate the cameras. The available modes – Monitoring, Configuration and Statistics – are clearly shown. Adapting the SmartCamera to your needs is simple, since the BVS Cockpit only shows you the parameters relevant to a particular tool. Individual tools are combined into an inspection program.