Portable pressure calibrators

Danetech’s 760 (shown here) and 761 calibrators are equipped with a pressure/vacuum generation system with integrated electric pump, and a fully automatic control and regulation system. Practically, operators only needs to program the pressure or vacuum level they wish to calibrate on the display, and the instrument will carry out the task autonomously. The internal electric pump generates pressure and vacuum (in a range included between -0.85 bar and + 40 bar, according to the type) and the regulation and control system deals with stabilizing and maintaining the prescribed value during the calibration phases. All of this occurs rapidly and with no need for external hydraulic feeding or manual regulations on the operators’ part. Calibrators ensure measurement accuracy of up to 0.02% and have integrated electric sections for the measurement and feeding of any transducers and pressure transmitters. The possibility of multiple and interchangeable sample sensors improves accuracy on a large operating pressure range. Both series are available with the possibility of creating result reports, which further automate the calibration procedure, and with an integrated HART communicator.