Numeric control range

Mitsubishi Electric’s C80 numeric control range is the latest addition to the 8 series. These controls may be configured with up to 3 CPUs and are able to support as many as 48 axes and control complex machines. Just like the M80 and M800 models, they use a CPU developed for applications in the CNC world; this combines with a high-speed communication system and a reactive control of servomotors and spindles, contributing to a reduction in cycle times. Thanks to their compatibility with Melsec’s iQ-R series, CNCs in the C80 series increase the added value of the production lines and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Compatibility with the iQ-R automation platform, the core of the e-F@ctory, ensures a high interconnection and data management capability, to obtain detailed analyses of production parameters, energy consumption and safety, and an increase in efficiency and availability of the production systems. The operator-machine interface presents simple and intuitive screens, as well as supplying a guide function and allowing their use by means of a touchscreen display. Besides, a complete range of safety functions called Smart Safety Observation Function provides full compliance with the safety standards which cover the entire system.