Flow and pressure sensors

The flow sensors E8FC and pressure sensors E8PC from Omron are developed to controll industrial processes that use different fluids and gases. They perform double monitoring of the main parameters of flow or pressure. In addition, they provide temperature control and can give advanced warning of process abnormalities, with bright coloured visual signals and easy-to-read parameters on a high visibility black and white organic indicator. These new sensors can transfer information about the monitored system status over a high-speed IO-Link communication standard COM3, as well as identifying data and parameters for self-diagnostics. The E8FC/E8PC flow- and pressure control sensors further sensors the Vertical Integration Concept which allows the transfer of processing data from the lowest level of the automation pyramid up to the top, and settings parameters from the top to be transferred down to each sensor. The new E8FC sensors can be used in the automotive industry to prevent sudden stops and defects in molding and welding machines, due to cooling liquid abnormalities. And, due to the precise monitoring of hydraulic pressure, the E8PC can be applied to prevent press and processing defects in different types of pressing machines or in CNC and other advanced machining centres.