Control system for the sanitary sector

The Hycleen Automation System of GF Piping Systems is a control system for the circulation and flushing in drinking water installations. It is particularly quick and easy to install and commission. Thanks to the central control unit, all installed valves can be operated, programmed and evaluated. This means that optimum hydraulic balancing in the entire drinking water network is assured and a major contribution towards the achievement of perfect drinking water hygiene is guaranteed. GF Piping Systems has developed a complete package for planners, plumbers and property operators for perfect drinking water hygiene with the 4-step concept. Together with appropriate measures, this ensures optimum drinking water: prevention of contamination by the avoidance of dead spaces and stagnation using components made of hygienically beneficial materials, monitoring of system temperatures and water quality, automatic recovery of the required drinking water quality by means of intervention measures as well as a consideration or risk assessment of all relevant influencing parameters. Hycleen Automation System enables automatic flushing of cold and hot water supply lines depending on the temperature or a certain time of day.