Assistance in the search for leaks

Although flow measurement is quite common in the wastewater sector, measuring ‘foreign’ water ingress is still an involved process. As sewers are basically partially filled pipes, the use of typical magnetic-inductive sensors is hardly possible. Venturi flow measurement is based on level readings and mathematical algorithms in conjunction with a Venturi channel. The advantage is that it cleans itself and creates very little backwater. The engineering company UMS came up with the idea of developing a Venturi channel for quick installation with a special clamping device, and they are having it patented. Since the usual characteristic curves of standard channels cannot be used for these compact designs, UMS creates special characteristic curves for the different channel versions. The final design engineering of the UMS channel would not have been possible without the latest developments in radar level measurement technology. To determine the filling levels, a radar sensor was needed that is small and, above all, measures all the way to the bottom of the channel. Due to its very compact design, Vegapuls 64 by Vega fitted perfectly into the system. And when it comes to water resistance, the sensor has a high rating: IP 68.