The packaging machine 4.0

BAI, Barison, Automazione e Robotica Industriali, specialized in machines for the intensive production, chose Festo as technical partner for pneumatic, electric and mechanic solutions. This partnership is lasting since the early 80ies. This is exemplified in a machine, in an advanced stage of construction, for a company in the medical sector: it is a completely electric functioning system (clean room), for the production of defibrillators to be implanted under the skin; it is not a banal thing at all, because the system has to be totally aseptic and above all the code readability on the packaging has to be checked. In every station there is a scanner checks the writing quality. This machine ensures a complete packaging process, from the taking over of the empty box to the filling, with telemetric monitoring of the products. This project concerns a system fully in line with Industry 4.0, realized with electrical axes by Festo and further developed to guarantee the product traceability, in addition to an interface to the customer’s management system, controlling every process from the product inlet to the product outlet. The performance and data monitoring, from the taking over of the empty box to the filling, is ensured as from the realization stage thanks to a network we established with the customer.