Remote monitoring terminal

Earth1006 is the remote monitoring terminal proposed by Global Measurement. It supports up to 8-way sensors input and the sensors can be selected according to customer’s needs

by Noemi Sala

Earth1006 remote monitoring terminal is a compact device with battery supply, ultra-low power consumption, IP68 protection, wireless communication and various sensor data collection function, in specific circumstance, multiple power supply options are available. Thw product is suitable for the monitoring fields without power supply condition and the harsh environment.
It could realize the multi-function including data collection, storage, alarming and transmission for underground water, firefighting water, dam water, water supply and drainage pipeline. With a wide coverage of wireless network, GM-EARTH1006 could detect the real-time data of many monitoring sites in a wide range of areas like: tap-water pipeline pressure, flow, underground water, agricultural irrigation, dam level, water monitoring, wind, rain, ambient temperature and humidity, air quality monitoring, water flow monitoring, image and firefighting pipeline monitoring, especially suitable for Underground Well detection application in a harsh environment.

Main features and ease of use
Outstanding among the main features: IP68 protection, dust-proof and water-proof; multiple power supply options are available; wireless transmission, no field wiring; wide range measurement, pressure, temperature, level, flow, image, drainwell cover etc.; muti-channel, max. 8-way sensor parameters access; remote setting for collection, transmission and image interval; sensor available with upper and lower limit of threshold value and web real-time warning; PC and mobi le terminal data application; support customer self-built system and configuration application; provide mounting accessories; solution for underground well. Above sensors can be used together with Earth 1006. It supports up to 8-way sensors input and the sensors can be selected according to customer’s needs. And other sensors are also available. Earth1006 Remote Monitoring Terminal uses hoop and wall-mounting method which are easy for installation and convenient for maintenance and we also provide installation accessories. The system is very easy: the display shows in real time the sensor signal, the status of device, the battery voltage and the signal. The configuration takes place remotely; setting up for upper and lower alarm limit, collecting interval, transmitting interval, picture taking interval and IP address. The data of the 8 sensors are collected simultaneously for a careful monitoring of the site.