PC-based Automation

Within the Industry 4.0, Beckhoff offers ready-to-use solutions which enrich machines and plants with smart functions able to create process images, big data analysis, condition and power monitoring. In the motion field, there are important developments related to the mechatronic system, XTS (eXtended Transport System), AX8000 series drives, One Cable Automation with EtherCAT P series and last but not least the Vision and IoT modules of TwinCAT 3 software. With the XTS technology Beckhoff proposes a linear transport system based on modular mechatronic drive, whose development is possible thanks to the performances offered by EtherCAT communication and to all the potential of PC-based control. The winning basis of XTS is the Beckhoff system: a modular linear motor, one or more movers, a configurable mechanical guide, PC-based control (TwinCAT software and Industrial PC), a fast and standard communication (EtherCAT) and the complete opening from the field level to the cloud (communication and services). XTS, the linear transport system, allows operation at high speed: the system is designed to transport, assemble, grasp, accumulate, process and label materials and products.