Motorfeedback for Industry 4.0

Sick’s motorfeedback systems with Hiperface® are the result of the combination of incremental encoder and absolute encoder, and they combine the advantages of both types. The EEx37 motorfeedback, available in the single or multiturn mechanical versions with a 15 or 17 bit resolution, has a diameter of 37 mm and, based on the Hiperface DSL®, exploits all the benefits of the One Cable connection. The product uses the integration of the twisted pair DSL encoder (only two wires) within the motor power supply cable to communicate directly with the drive. Based on capacitive technology, besides, EEx37 does not require any buffering. DSL’s digital interface records, analyses and sends out not just position data, but also auxiliary changes. This implies a real-time condition monitoring which allows to take action at any time on the motorfeedback, and to carry out maintenance only when it is really necessary. Thanks to the SIL3 certification relative to the protocol and to the SIL2 certification relative to the product, it is possible to reach high security standards.