Infra-red ray moisture meter

In order to measure the moisture of solids in production processes, Ital Control Meters presents IR3000. Moisture control is a priority for the production or use of solid materials, such as, solids used to produce energy or for the food industry or for such finished products as fabric, paper and plastic. Moisture control is vital, both in order to keep up the quality of the product and to ensure it may be produced without wasting energy. Ital Control Meters offers both its infra-red ray moisture meter, IR3000, and its microwave sensors, SWR. This sensor exploits the absorption of infra-red rays by water to carry out the measurement without direct contact with the product which needs to be monitored, pointing at it from a distance which varies between 10 and 40 cm. IR3000 is deal for the measurement of solids of all sizes and even while they are moving, and may be programmed to measure ranges of humidity from dry to 100% water with measurements carried out in real time. Maintenance is negligible and the interface with acquisition and automation systems may be defined by the user.