Pressure switches with built-in power connector

Suco, the German group (with as sole agent in Italy) specialized in pressure monitoring which also includes ESI technology, began its activity over seventy years ago. Recently the market requested a higher degree of protection of the power connection: IP67 and, for the automotive industry, IP6K9K. The solution which Suco suggests is pressure switches with built-in power connector, both in SPDT and SPST versions. At the same time other industrial sectors have also shown interest for these solutions which guarantee reliability of the power connection and a reduced assembly time. Suco’s latest innovation was to integrate passive electronics, combining the advantages of mechanical pressure switches, such as, resistance to excess pressure, and the availability of some additional functions such as self-diagnosis and protection and report systems. Today an increasing number of technicians consider mechanical pressure switches as instruments which respond to different requirements. Suco furthers the development of its range of solutions enriching it with new types of mechanical pressure switches, also offering electronic pressure switches and pressure transducers.