Multi-function instruments for climate measurements

Testo offers instruments for all the operations which allow the efficient management of a building and its equipment. Let us examine specifically the solutions which regulate ventilation systems, which guarantee savings and comfort

by Vittoria Ascari

There are many factors which should be taken into consideration during the daily management of buildings, even with the aim of increasing the efficiency of systems and processes: management costs, user comfort, energy consumption and so on. Optimal regulation must be guaranteed as well as the regular monitoring of all the systems involved. Appliances may fully exploit their efficiency potential only if they are correctly regulated. Even the preventive maintenance of installations and electric panels cuts down possible faults to a minimum, and ensures seamless functioning of the plants.
With this aim, Testo offers ultra-accurate measurement systems for an efficient management of the building, as well as services such as professional consulting, training courses and maintenance services, gauging and validation of tools necessary for an optimal regulation of appliances and an even more satisfactory workflow.

Products and services from a single supplier
With Testo, all operations in the facility management sector may be solved. The company developed a rich offer of measurement instruments for heating, conditioning, ventilation equipment and refrigerators, available for any electrical size. The are easy to use and resist even in the most extreme working conditions. There is also no lack of professional multi-function instruments: thanks to the wide range of available probes, there is always the possibility of ensuring a norm-compliant analysis of climate and well-being values and of carrying out industrial maintenance in the best way. Besides, all of these services may be obtained from a single supplier: technical assistance, spare parts service, development of customized probes and practical training regarding the use of the tools.
Finally, the measurement tools connect to the App and it is therefore possible to obtain digital documents, create reports automatically, complete them with images, file them and send them via e-mail.

Aiming at the maximum quality of air in rooms
Regarding particularly the operations relative to the quality of air in rooms, humidity measures, light meters and sound meters manufactured by Testo guarantee a pleasant atmosphere. The testo 480 multi-function tool allows to analyze comfort within rooms objectively and in compliance with norms. Data loggers provide clues as to damages caused by mould, for instance because of inadequate ventilation. The ventilation apparatus deploys its maximum performance only if the in/out air circulation system is correctly regulated. Testo offers both tools and probes to perform measurements within the ventilation ducts, and ultra-accurate cones to measure the volumetric flow rate at the air outlet vent. Even in this case testo 480 is the right solution, and it leads the user step by step through the norm-compliant AC plant measurement grid.

Saving without prejudice to the pleasant atmosphere in rooms
Let us therefore see the technical characteristics of this multi-function instrument for climate measurement. Testo helps to regulate in an optimal way the systems so as to achieve rapidly a considerable saving, without affecting the pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. Testo 480 allows to measure all climate parameters. A vast range of probes is available, for temperature, %RH, pressure, turbulence, air flow and speed, CO2 and light intensity. The intuitive menu allows a practical step by step navigation. The probes may be gauged individually. It is equipped with analysis software, and with an ultra-accurate sensor of the pressure difference for measurement with a Pitot tube or filter monitoring.

An instrument which combines manual measurement and intuitive menus
Always within this domain, testo 440 was recently launched; this instrument allows to monitor at all times all the measures to be taken at the ventilation and conditioning plants. It combines the advantages of a manual measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus and a wide range of probes to measure climate variables. It may be connected to a vast gamut of of digital probes, to Testo Smart Probes or to many Testo temperature probes. Within the instrument, many manuals are filed; these have a clear structure and allow to measure the volumetric flow in the ventilation duct and in the air outlet, the k factor, the degree of turbulence, the cooling/thermal power, to detect the production of mould and to carry out long-term measurements. By means of the USB interface, the protocols may be exported as Excel files or printed directly on the spot. Testo 440 is also available in the 440 dP version, which integrates a supplementary differential pressure sensor: this tool may therefore be used to measure close to filters or for measurements with Pitot tubes and k factor.

A wide offer of solutions for facility management
To conclude the overview of Testo instruments for facility management, let us consider combustion analyzers, essential for the installation and maintenance of heating systems. In this way a correct and efficient functioning is ensured from an energy standpoint.
The testo 770 current clamp, the testo 760 digital multi-meter and other electrical measurement instruments by Testo allow measurement of electrical connections, while the testo 871/872 thermographic camera shows any overheating without any need of contact and before a fault occurs. Finally, going on to refrigeration systems, the digital manometer groups and the testo Refrigeration App allow to monitor all pressure and temperature variables on a smartphone. And with a simple click, customized reports may be created and sent out.