Compact security controller

Talos®, the compact security controller manufactured by German company Zander Aachen, distributed in Italy by Piero Bersanini, may be adapted to the desired application simply by selecting an existing configuration stored in its memory. The device stands out for the variety of security sensors to which it may be associated: from the traditional emergency stop button, to smart security sensors, to luminous barriers. The same goes for exits. Individual security exits may be assigned to corresponding security entrances independent from each other, and capable of being activated safely with eh most diverse actuators, such as, drives or power counters. All things considered, different independent security relays may be replaced with a single compact controller. The use of integrated logics offers other advantages, such as, diagnostics of measurement and functioning directly on the device itself for a fast commissioning, less machine downtimes and low maintenance costs. Talos® includes the desired functions in a flexible way. The appropriate configuration may be selected and the parameters of the different functions, such as delays, may be adjusted directly on the module using the menu in a very fast and simple way.