Transmitter for filling machine

Mass-based accuracy while increasing reliability and decreasing costs: these are the benefits offered by the Emerson’s filling transmitter, which is the ideal solution for filling machine applications

by Sara Morri

Compact, fast, and accurate Micro Motion® Filling Mass Transmitter is ideal for filling machine applications that requires high-speed, high-accuracy filling or dosing. The Filling Mass Transmitter can handle extremely fast fills (less than one second) and challenging fluids such as those with entrained air, suspended solids, or high viscosity. Integrated valve control reduces external processing and increases accuracy. The Filling Mass Transmitter delivers mass, density and temperature process data in one device, supporting continuous monitoring of product quality with a complete real-time view of fluid characteristics. Digital communications provide continuous monitoring of density and temperature for real-time quality control, and enable “on the fly” changes to fill target or recipe. The Automatic Overshoot Compensation (AOC) feature automatically adjusts valve management to compensate for changes in process conditions such as delivery pressure and fluid characteristics.

Reduced installation cost and compact footprint
The Filling Mass Transmitter is compact and light, minimising space requirements and reducing installation cost and effort. Easy to integrate into almost any filling machine, the slim profile and compact dimensions reduce the footprint and allow for the maximum number of fill heads. The Filling Mass Transmitter is compatible with the Micro Motion F-Series and H-Series ranges of Coriolis sensors, and also with the Elite® sensor for very small fills.
The Micro Motion Coriolis filling meter has no moving parts, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and cost while increasing throughput. The electronics are immune to temperature shocks from CIP/SIP procedures, and the sensors feature a hygienic drainable design. They are 3A-authorised and EHEDG certified (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) for hygienic use, and designed for fast and easy cleaning with rounded corners, polished exterior surfaces, and no internal crevices.