Control system for bolted joints

Plarad Italy presents the StrainLabs system (for which it is the sole agent) for bolted joint control and surveillance.
This type of joint is affected by the impossibility of knowing the real applied preload because of friction, and has a natural inclination to becoming loose. Preload may not be checked in a joint which has already been tightened, and inspections turn out to be inaccurate. The StrainLabs system allows to identify immediately the loss in preload of the joints, and to manage in real time the information for maintenance and service. The system has been developed for installations requiring frequent control, are found in remote areas which are difficult to reach, have critical security levels and high control costs. The sensor is made up of a threaded element which contains within its structure a transducer for the measurement of the preload. In order to allow the value to be transmitted remotely, the sensor is capable of transmitting via wireless connection and to exchange information with the BoltMate management system. The preload is determined by a laser which can define the exact lengthening of the bolt.