Test bench for electric motor

4MTS-S is the most complete version among the test benches for electric motors of EN4. It is an automatic system for the electrical and mechanical characterization of electric motors. Among the main interesting features: automatic characterization of the DUT, in terms of torque and speed; it can perform both functional and endurance test; it can simulate the mechanical load on the DUT, for example hydraulic load, mechanical transmission, load stiffness, load/vehicle inertia; closed-loop control both on torque or speed, BEMF measurement, Hall Sensors phase check, Idle Torque measurement, No-Load and Load test, Resistance measurement, Stall Test, Torque Ripple measurement, FFT vibration analysis, cogging measurement; it allows the customers to control their DUT by various automotive and industrial protocol (CAN, LIN, ProfiBus, CanOpen, etc); it integrates a Power Analyzer developed on National Instruments hardware; it could be coupled with climatic chamber; it could be calibrated by specific tools, both for the torque and electric measurements.