Ultrasonic welding for small components assembly

Emerson has launched a new generation of ultrasonic welding platform, supporting the growing demand for smaller and complex plastic components assembly. The Branson GSX ultrasonic welding platform is an advanced, intuitive and flexible joining solution designed to optimize and guarantee quality welding operations, while helping manufacturers meet project deadlines and ensure the expected return on investment.

Plastic components in the healthcare, electronic and automotive sectors are increasingly miniaturized, with integrated electronics, complex designs and ever thinner plastic walls. Traditional welding machines with high or violent trigger forces prevent customers from securely welding small and fragile components.

To meet this challenge, Emerson has developed an advanced electro-mechanical actuation system that provides unprecedented positioning control and accuracy. The Advanced Actuation System also allows the GSX platform to improve positioning accuracy, enabling faster and more efficient welding of extremely fragile and complex components.