The principle of strain gauges applied to torque transducers

burster introduces its new 8655 and 8656 series torque transducers, which are very compact and measure torque through shaft torsion. Speeds of up to 10,000 rpm can be achieved and the software with which they are supplied, Digivision, can be used via USB, LabView or DASYLab.

With Burster’s compact series of torque transducers 8655 and 8656, torque is acquired by torsion of the shaft using the principle of strain gauges. Thanks to inductive and optical signal transmission, the sensor is maintenance-free, the signals are digitized directly on the shaft and made available by the evaluation electronics in a voltage signal or via USB.
Thanks to the high quality of the components, speeds of up to 10,000 rpm can be achieved. The direction of rotation can be understood by observing the voltage output: clockwise rotation corresponds to a positive voltage output, anticlockwise rotation to a negative voltage output.

The 8656 series is equipped with keys on all ranges.
The 8656 series is equipped with keys on all ranges.

Various accessories available

The 8655 series has a square male/female connection allowing integration into existing systems or tools without the need for additional components such as couplings. Series 8656, on the other hand, has a round shaft connection and is equipped with keys on all ranges. If the key is not required, it can be omitted. The use of suitable couplings is necessary: the 8690 series is ideal for safe torque transmission.
To acquire speed and angle of rotation, the sensor can be equipped with an internal 400-pulse encoder. This speed/angle signal is available as a TTL output signal. The Digivision software supplied free of charge can be used via USB, alternatively LabView or DASYLab drivers are available for download. The following accessories are available for integration into the customer’s system: cables of various lengths, couplings and mechanical supports.
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