Support software for robot controller

RCX-Studio 2020 is a support software, developed by Yamaha Motor Europe, for RCX3 Series of robot controllers. This support software series has several functions, such as 3D simulator, program templates (automatic sample generation) and features usability enhancements.

RCX-Studio 2020 enables on-screen equipment layout work, teaching, program creation, debugging, and so on, even if robots are not connected. By doing so, this software makes a significant contribution to accelerating robot system setup and further reducing operator workload.

Easier program creation

RCX-Studio 2020 shows the robots and peripheral devices in 3D, simulating robot operation on your computer. It makes it possible to check on-screen for interference between robots and peripheral devices in advance of equipment startup. Prior evaluation of layout enables prevention of interference with customers’ production equipment.

RCX-Studio 2020 includes program templates for ten popular applications. Program templates can be automatically generated simply by following the operation order steps. Not requiring command input makes program creation easier, enabling significant reductions in program creation time.

GUIs for operators such as those shown on control panels can be created easily. Focusing on only the functions necessary for operations means that problems such as data deletion and overwriting due to mistaken operation can be prevented and enables creation of operation screens tailored to customers’ equipment.

RCX-Studio 2020 inherits the rich functionality of the previous RCX-Studio Pro, supporting the operation of Yamaha robots from setup to maintenance.

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