Sturdy and cost-effective linear stages

The ECO-LM and EC-SL linear stage series from Aerotech join high performances and a sturdy design in a cost-effective, economic package. A complete range of versions with direct-drive linear motor, rotary servomotor, or stepping motor is available in 44 models with travels from 50 mm to 800 mm, in addition to vacuum and cleanroom versions available. The ECO linear stage series builds upon Aerotech’s long tradition of producing low total cost of ownership motion designs. Excellent positioning specifications, high stiffness, and a variety of options and features combined with economic pricing make ECO stages an ideal choice for applications where robust motion performance is needed.
Long-life precision recirculating linear bearings, along with Aerotech’s machining and assembly craftsmanship, enable the best geometric performance per unit price on the market today.