Software package to improve flexibility

Yamaha Motor Europe FA has developed a software package for the Asyril Asycube vibration feeder; it has been created to improve pick & place flexibility with the uninterrupted vision offered by the RCXiVY2+ system of SCARA and Cartesian robots.

Yamaha Motor Europe – Factory Automation offers its customers a software package for the Asyril Asycube intelligent parts feeder, developed to enhance the flexibility of Cartesian and SCARA robots. The software eases integration of Asycube and lets the intelligent feeder take advantage of Yamaha’s RCXiVY2+ high-speed, high-resolution vision system. Any Yamaha SCARA or cartesian robot compatible with the RCX320 or RCX340 controller can now rely on Asycube to quickly sort and orientate bulk components for easier, faster, pickup.

The Asycube feeder intelligently adjusts vibration frequency, amplitude, and platter orientation to position the parts optimally, leveraging advanced 3-axis vibration technology. A standard Ethernet connection simplifies setup and scalability is assured by connecting multiple feeders via a switching hub.

It increases productivity by up to 20%

The Yamaha RCXiVY2+ vision system maximises the advantages of Asycube with features such as non-stop vision that checks the pickup orientation on the fly. This system, developed using knowhow gained from high-speed surface-mount electronics assembly, increases productivity by up to 20%. Any gripping deviation is automatically corrected, allowing picked parts to be placed or assembled directly.

The Asycube plugin is available to download for registered users of the Yamaha Robot Member website. The website also contains information to help select equipment and accessories such as actuators, tips on product design for robotic assembly, and help to setup, program, and maintain Yamaha industrial robots.