Simple Automation Is Achieved with the Plug and Work Gripper

Presented at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg, the new Co-act EGH flexible cobot gripper completes SCHUNK’s Plug and Work portfolio for Universal Robots. It is part of the range of Co-act cobot grippers with the aim of facilitating the start of a simple automation process, particularly for handling and assembly.

by Mario Lepo

In order to provide new products and solutions for flexible automation, SCHUNK offers complete end of arm modular systems, dedicated to small and medium-sized companies who need to implement easy and flexible automated processes with cobots. These collaborative, lightweight, transportable robots ensure fast and easy programming, rapid production changes, maximum flexibility and adaptability in different applications -from machine loading and unloading, to assembly operations – and allow to increase productivity by freeing operators from repetitive tasks. SCHUNK, the compe-tence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology, offers a complete range of standard Plug and Work components to equip the robot as quickly as possible. The new flexible gripper for cobot Co-act EGH, launched at the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg, completes the Plug and Work port-folio dedicated to Universal Robots, which already includes quick-change systems as well as torque/force sensors with quick release standard interfaces that facilitate the end of arm equip-ment.

Plug & Work and application flexibility
The new electric gripper Co-act EGH with a fully adjustable long stroke and flexible gripping fingers ensures maximum adaptability in handling. “It is the simplest on the market – says Andrea Lolli, Sales Area Manager di SCHUNK – ready to work in just 30 minutes thanks to the URCap Plugin, available on USB, which allows the Co-act EGH to be pro-grammed and directly controlled by the Universal Robots controller. Especially designed for cobots, Co-act EGH can be implemented in simple automated process, where direct interaction with the operator is not required and where production changes are so of-ten, in particular for handling, assembly, in the Electronic sector and for gripping from medium to small workpieces”.

Fully adjustable long stroke and flexible gripping fingers
The fully adjustable long stroke up to 80 mm with a robust parallel kinematics ensures a constant gripping force (100 N) over the complete stroke and can be easily adjusted to different workpieces. Moreover, flexible fingers with soft or firm inserts available as options allows the gripper to grasp different kind of components: the new gripper from SCHUNK can efficiently adapt to different ap-plications by saving times due to not having to change fingers and grippers for new applications.
Like each gripper from Co-act, EGH can communicate via status display: the integrated light band can be used for displaying three preset colors by digitally signaling the different gripper states, de-tecting quick malfunctions and to give a clear feedback when a command is executed.