Semi-automated dosing with micro-pump

The semiautomatic smartDoS system from HNP Mikrosysteme is equipped with a modular micro gear pump, which guarantees precise dosing and constant quality; it enables continuous flow rates between 1 µl/min and 1152 ml/min volume.

HNP Mikrosysteme offers its flexible system smartDoS for semi-automated filling and dosing, which has a high-precision micro annular gear pump. The pump is controlled via the graphical user interface mzr-Touch Control. Dosing quantity, dosing speed and dosing duration are entered directly. Depending on the medium and the pump series and size, dosing volumes from 0.25 µl are possible.

Constant precision and quality

The dosing is carried out with constant precision and thus ensures a constant process quality. An additionally integrated hand or foot switch enables the operator to activate the start signal and thus determine the cycle of the filling process.

Further optional system components are filters, reservoir, shut-off elements and dosing needles. For media with high viscosities, the pumps are additionally equipped with gears.

Continuous delivery between 1 µl/min and 1152 ml/min

smartDoS is modular in design and flexible in application. The continuous delivery of volume flows between 1 µl/min and 1152 ml/min is also possible. Fast media changes, easy emptying and rinsing of the pump as well as system adaptions are simple. Resources such as material and time are used effectively and the quality of small batches is significantly increased.