Reinforced security gateways

Moxa introduced a new series of reinforced security Modbus-to-BACnet protocol gateways. The MGate 5217 series consists of industrial protocol gateways that support Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP and BACnet/IP protocol conversions, making it easy to integrate industrial devices into an energy management system.

Moxa’s MGate 5217 series consists of industrial protocol gateways Modbus-to-BACnet with reinforced security. It is based on the IEC 62443 standard to enhance connectivity security. In addition, the MGate 5217 protocol gateways feature a reliable design that ensures continuous operation under harsh condition and easy-to-use tools to make device configuration and troubleshooting easy. The series supports various security features, such as whitelisting, account management, password policy, and a TLS secure connection, that allow only authorized users and prevent unwanted access, enhancing connectivity security.

Reliable design for continuous operation

Critical power communication cannot endure system downtime, thus reliable communication between power monitoring devices and SCADA systems is critical. Therefore, the MGate 5217 protocol gateways feature 2 kv serial port isolation and a -40 to 75 °C wide operating temperature range to ensure reliable communications and operations. In addition, the MGate protocol gateways come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, ensuring stability and reliability for long-term operations.

Effortless installation and maintenance

In power monitoring applications, devices such as power meters, automatic transfer switches (ATS), or UPS controllers are required to get connected and communicate with SCADA systems for instant power status monitoring. The installation and maintenance of numerous communication devices can be a daunting job. The MGate 5217 protocol gateways support an easy-to-use configuration tool and a built-in troubleshooting tool that make installation and maintenance easy and fast.