How to speed up adhesive curing

DELO presented the new DELOLUX 504 LED lamp that speeds up the curing process of UV adhesives. It offers a maximum intensity of 4,000 mW/cm² at a wavelength of 365 nm, which reduces cycle times and provides greater flexibility.

DELOLUX 504 is the new DELO UV LED lamp that accelerates the curing process of UV adhesives. It was developed for high-speed production in the electronics and automotive industries that require small areas to be irradiated and equipment to be easily integrated into existing systems.

Installation space being limited in such systems, DELO has given the lamp a very compact design. At the same time, optimized thermal management ensures that the heat generated by the LEDs is quickly dissipated by a direct connection to the heat sink, increasing the lifetime of the LEDs. This passive cooling allows the lamps to be used in clean rooms. The light exit area is elliptical, which makes it possible to selectively irradiate only certain areas.

Reducing cycle times and more flexibility

The maximum intensity of 4,000 mW/cm² at a wavelength of 365 nm provides double benefits: the higher intensity makes UV adhesives cure faster, reducing cycle times. In addition, the lamp can be placed farther away, since the high intensity compensates for the physically induced power reduction that occurs with increasing distance. Longer working distances offer more flexibility for integration into production lines.

Fixing points, geometry of the emitted light, as well as light distribution characteristics of the DELOLUX 504 spot light source are the same as those of its predecessor DELOLUX 502. Existing systems can be converted with very little effort. Another advantage is the lamp’s separable connecting cable. In contrast to many other lamp systems, the lamp head can be easily replaced, for example at the end of its lifetime, with no need to disassemble an entire production line.

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