Miniature dynamometer

Kistler‘s MycroDyn dynamometer is one of the smallest in the world, measuring only 30×30 mm. It has a natural frequency of 15 kHz and can measure forces up to 500 N and calculate torques up to 50 Nm.

Measuring just 30×30 mm, MicroDyn by Kistler is one of the world’s smallest dynamometers. Its high natural frequency of 15 kHz on all three axes allows precise measurement of highly dynamic forces of up to 500 N, and calculation of the resultant torques up to 50 Nm. Measurements are taken directly on the individual cutting edges at speeds of up to 120 000 rpm. T

he piezoelectric crystal rings used for the measurement ensure high sensitivity and low response threshold. They are also installed in such a way that temperature influences are largely compensated. The measuring chain is completed by the LabAmp laboratory charge amplifier to provide efficient signal conversion and data acquisition.

Applications with ceramic

TUSA, the Swiss machining specialist, is testing new microtools made of ceramic at Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano). This innovative material offers significantly longer lifetimes, but extensive testing is needed to optimize it. MicroDyn from Kistler ensures that cutting forces are measured precisely so that performance parameters can be determined. The new materials can extend tool lifetimes by a factor of up to 30 while maintaining comparable precision.