Integrated motion systems

Aerotech’s Integrated Granite Motion (IGM) systems diverge from traditional granite-mounted axis systems for which conventional positioning axes and components are used: in this case, bearings, encoders and drives are engineered and assembled directly on the base and on the system’s granite bridge structures.
IGM systems can be designed with mechanical or air bearings, ball screw drives or linear motors, as well as a variety of feedback elements ranging from encoders to laser interferometers. On the IGM axes, additional motion axes, such as rotary, lifting or piezo axes, or even galvo scanners, can be integrated, all of them controlled by Aerotech’s A3200 unified control platform.
IGM systems have greater rigidity than a granite-mounted axis solution because the IGM system has fewer parts in the structural loop, resulting in greater accuracy and better dynamic performance; they can also be more compact thanks to the more integrated nature of both the machine and granite components.