Henkel and BRABUS strengthen windscreen bond

How to strengthen windscreen bond

To strengthen the bonding of the windshields, BRABUS turned to its partner Henkel for the supply of adhesives, application system and pre-treatment.

For maximum occupant protection, today’s aftermarket requires high-performance adhesives and sealants for replacing windscreens capable of withstanding higher wind loads, reinforcing torsional stiffness und increasing occupant safety. BRABUS trusted adhesives partner Henkel for what it needs to secure advanced windscreen installations on its demanding “supercar” transformations and classic car restorations.

This includes Teroson windscreen adhesives and the Teroson Bond windscreen adhesive application system. Henkel offers the one-stop pre-treatment and application package, featuring a cutting tool, cleaner, primer, adhesive and equipment, to car workshops to support easy and efficient windscreen replacement.

Integrated structural and safety-relevant parts

As windscreens have progressed from simple glazing applications to integrated structural and safety-relevant parts of the vehicle body, direct glazing adhesives must meet a wider range of performance requirements – from the essential flexibility to absorb vibrations, and a leak-proof seal to the structural reinforcement, to occupant protection required in advanced, modern car designs.

Recognizing the automotive aftermarket’s increasing economic and service demands, Henkel’s Teroson Bond windscreen adhesive application system supports a more efficient workflow for windscreen removal and replacement in workshops. It offers a complete toolbox of support and enables the work to be carried out by only one operator. New cartridge labelling has been added to each product to make the system even easier to select and to use.