For an increasingly flexible intralogistics

ROEQ presents its new TML200 series lifter, which enables the creation of lean and flexible logistics processes; it is offered in combination with a range of omplementary solutions, such as the PR250 pallet rack, the S-Cart300L cart, the TML200 forks and the ROEQ Assist software.

ROEQ’s range of products for intralogistics has been expanded with new solutions aimed at increasing productivity, flexibility and ease of implementation of internal delivery processes. TML200 is the new lifting module produced by the Danish company ROEQ, which develops standard mobile robotic equipment (MRE) to complement perfectly the MiR automatic mobile robots (AMR). TML200 has been designed for the MiR250 and is able to pick up, lift, transport and deliver cases, pallets or goods on racks and carts, within warehouses or production facilities.

TML200 is applied as a complementary module on MiR robots and with a number of additional tools, such as the new PR250 pallet rack, it can create flexible and lean intralogistics solutions particularly suitable for SMEs with highly saturated layouts. The pallet racks of the PR250 range can be placed side-by-side to create scalable solutions and be sized according to the size of the goods. 

Complete safety in the work area

As a further addition to the range of ROEQ solutions developed in combination with the TML200, the new S-Cart300L cart has been developed to work in perfect coordination with the TML200 lifter. The S-Cart300L can lift and transport payloads of up to 170 kg, allowing the MiR250 to manoeuvre easily even in conditions of reduced traction on the floor. Operators can move the cart manually after delivery, as no docking station is required. The cart attaches to the TML200 using the centring cones, which are mounted on the upper module. 

The ROEQ Assist software, which is integrated into every solution in the ROEQ range, builds missions by showing the MiR250 where to go and the ROEQ TML200 when to lift or put down the load. The ROEQ-built missions ensure that the footprint matches that of an S-Cart300L or of an EU half-pallet, thereby guaranteeing complete safety in the work area when transporting goods. Besides this, ROEQ provides safety configurations for the MiR250, enabling it to operate cooperatively with TML200. In addition, a sensor on the ROEQ TML200 prevents it from picking up the load if the lifter has already been loaded. Finally, to make it easier to move pallets which do not have a flat bottom, ROEQ has developed TML200 forks which can be connected to the TML200 lifter and can also be used in combination with PR250 pallet racks. 

ROEQ’s new solutions all have a common goal: to simplify internal logistics processes. The challenges facing companies are well known: on one hand, budget constraints make automated warehouses very difficult to implement; on the other hand, lack of space makes it necessary to adopt flexible, space-saving solutions. The combination of mobile robotics and ROEQ products enables the creation of efficient, flexible and cost-effective logistics processes.