DELO keeps growing

Despite the Covid-19 emergency, DELO registers a 5% growth on March 31, when the financial year ended, with a turnover of 163 million of Euros; in the previous year, the turnover was of 156 million.

The outlook for the current fiscal year is cautiously optimistic. “We have coped well with the coronavirus crisis so far and are doing everything we can to keep it that way”, said Wolf Herold, Managing Partner of DELO. “If the global economy continues to recover and no further shutdowns occur, we could see an increase in sales by the end of this fiscal year.”

Strong increase in Italy

DELO achieved about one third of its sales in Europe and North America. Another third each was earned in China and the remaining Asian countries. Accordingly, China was DELO’s largest single market, followed by Germany with an 18% share of sales and Singapore with 14%. Apart from China as a traditional growth driver, the strongest increases were recorded in South Korea and European countries such as Italy. In terms of sectors, the consumer, automotive and industrial electronics industries continued to be the most important pillars.

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