Clamping with the hygenic line

HEINRICH KIPP WERK’s 100 years of experience have resulted in the NOVOnox Hygienic clamping range, which has been designed keeping in mind the special hygiene requirements of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and packaging. These components are characterised by smooth surfaces which cannot be attacked by germs, fungi and bacteria, and are designed to be kept consistently clean.

HEINRICH KIPP WERK offers a wide selection of spring pressers, positioning pins and tackers.
HEINRICH KIPP WERK offers a wide selection of spring pressers, positioning pins and tackers.

HEINRICH KIPP WERK was founded in 1919 as a mechanical workshop and began by producing small series of kitchen machines. As the years went by, market requirements prompted the company to change production and become a world market reference in clamping technology. In 1952 the first lever handle was introduced on the market, which is still the company’s symbol today. In the course of the years the company continued to invest in new facilities and machinery, and with its own production autonomy was able to produce standard and special elements. The growth of HEINRICH KIPP WERK continues with the introduction of handles and knobs in the most varied combinations of shapes, colours and materials which make the KIPP product line innovative, guaranteeing precise clamping and a secure grip for the operator. To date the range includes stirrup handles, clamping tools, hinges, swivel locks, mechanical elements, machinery and equipment components, pipe fittings, profile connectors, telescopic slides, vices and zero points. HEINRICH KIPP WERK offers a large selection of spring pressers, locating pins and tackers. From design to assembly: all the different production steps are carried out with care and dedication and the products are subjected to strict tests to guarantee their quality. Care and attention in the choice of materials are a guarantee of functionality, reliability and long working life. HEINRICH KIPP WERK has a certified quality management for the most demanding requirements worldwide: producing at the highest level with German quality. The new NOVOnox Hygienic stainless steel product line for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries was launched on the market a few years ago.

Thousands of new products every year

The term ‘Hygienic Design’ refers to standardised design rules for components or elements in production plants. The items in the Hygienic range have smooth surfaces so that germs, product residues and dirt can be removed with great ease. Everything must be designed so that there is no infiltration of liquids: there are no cracks, no grooves and no voids. No surface can be attacked by germs or be subject to bacterial cultures. With Sealing Technologies and the special screw system, NOVOnox Hygienic components are sealed and connected hygienically, with no blind spots. Even the inner corner radii, junctions and inclinations must be designed so as to ensure that they remain clean in the long term.
In addition, the use of particularly high-quality stainless steel ensures that product residues and cleaning agents do not settle. Free of cracks, exposed grooves and gaps, stainless steel components (A4) in accordance with Hygienic DESIGN have practically no attachment surfaces in the mechanical production area or in cleaning processes. The need and desire to be efficient and to provide fast and timely responses to customer needs led to the construction of a fully automated logistics centre in 2001, which was completed in 2013. This type of warehouse allows easy and fluid management of storage and delivery for the more than 45,000 items in the catalogue. With 99% of products in stock at any one time, customer requirements are met very quickly. KIPP has a well-structured service team and competent technicians who are able to voice the needs of customers and thus generate more than 5,000 new products per year. The catalogue consists of over 2,000 pages and is available in ten languages. It can also be viewed online and 2D and 3D CAD files can be downloaded. With 11 locations and 50 representatives, HEINRICH KIPP WERK is present worldwide. In 2017, KIPP ITALIA was opened in Saronno (VA). The Italian team has won over the trust of customers, also thanks to a simple and intuitive website which allows quick consultation of prices and stock without any registration. Furthermore, HEINRICH KIPP WERK was one of the first companies in its sector to introduce a practical and convenient e-commerce to give customers greater autonomy in managing their orders.