Award-winning gripper

The ADHESO gripper from SCHUNK is an award-winning gripper: it won the German Innovation Award 2021 in the class “Excellence in Business to Business” and the category “Machines & Engineering”. This is a flexible gripper module that is ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount.

With the bionic inspired ADHESO gripper from SCHUNK, users can safely handle delicate parts without the risk of any residual marking. The new SCHUNK ADHESO gripper offers sensitive gripping without mechanical force or the need for any external power supply. The German Design Council honoured the new technology with the German Innovation Award 2021 in the competition class “Excellence in Business to Business”.

This new way of handling is based on a principle of function from nature and uses the intermolecularly acting Van der Waals forces. Geckos are using these adhesive forces allowing them to grip to various surfaces quickly and easily. This type of gentle and residue-free handling of sensitive components opens numerous new fields of application. Ultra-light glass materials or micro-mechanical parts can be handled, but also heavy automotive or mechanical engineering components.

Hygienic, functional and sustainable concept

The ADHESO technology is especially effective in hygienically sensitive environments where its strength really come to the fore: as it works without particle emission, it is perfectly suited for cleanroom applications in lab automation, medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as electrical industry. ADHESO grippers can safely grip and hold containers, syringes, wafers, or circuit boards without requiring external energy. This is a real added value in terms of operating costs but also facilitates commissioning.

SCHUNK’S technology won over the Council of the German Innovation Award 2021 with this functional and sustainable overall concept, and they honoured the SCHUNK ADHESO in the competition class “Excellence in Business to Business”, in the category “Machines & Engineering” as innovation.